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By Michelle Scardino and Mark O'Connell, EMC Atmos CTO  The other night I was shopping online for furniture.  I recently completed a construction project and was excited to browse my favorite store for design and layout ideas that best fit my new space.  Unfortunatley when I visited the site, it returned:  “We are temporarily updating our site, please come back soon.” So I tried again in fifteen minutes, then in an hour, and one final time two hours later.  Still unavailable.  While frustrated, it sparked the idea to write this blog and discuss how EMC Atmos, with its policy-based active /active architecture may have enabled this company to non-disruptively update their system, keep me on their site, and quite possibly prevent me from buying a couch from their biggest competitor.   It all Starts with an Active/Active Architecture     Atmos' scale-out object design enables an active/active architecture - a critical enabler for a true cloud storage platform.   Both reads and writes can be issued against any node, in any site, within the Atmos cloud, and Atmos software automatically detects where data is located and will access the optimal copy of the data , given the locality of the I/O request and the location(s) of the object within the system .   This same intelligence is applied when hardware components of the system fail, where the Atmos cloud can restore each object’s SLA after a failure as long as there is a readable copy of the object somewhere in the system.  These mechanisms eliminate any manual intervention to bring disaster recovery copies online and thus provide a true high availability data solution at an unprecedented scale. Many customers ask us “how” an active/active architecture actually works or if it can "really" eliminate the need for dedicated replication or back up.   The answers to these questions are found in key features Atmos...Read More

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